Top 10 Tips for Daily Stress Management

Stress is one of the most pervasive afflictions in today’s world. It often begins as a little “thing” and snowballs into a chronic condition – if we don’t find healthy and natural ways to diminish the daily drain.

Stress – Stop Feeding the Gremlin

A misconception about stress is that it relates to a person’s occupation. While it’s true, occupational stress is a hazard to health, but stress isn’t limited to a workspace nor does it discriminate against certain people. In short, stress affects everyone – we just respond to what stresses us in different ways. The key to combatting this gremlin is to starve it – not feed it.


Need a Minute? Ways to Create Spa Moments at Home

Rest and Relaxation at Home

Some days are harder than others, would you agree? All of us balance a million different tasks and responsibilities and we can’t always afford the time or the money to treat ourselves to a relaxing day spa experience.

As you all know, I’m an advocate for living a balanced life – not just in a
physical and nutritional sense – but in a mental and emotional sense. To do this takes a conscious commitment to integrating those “for me mini-moments” in the day. Why not, in addition to taking a few minutes to be active, take 10-minute spa breaks? Doing so will help you hit the reset button and attack the nex task with vigor, energy, and an enhanced cognitive focus. (more…)

Be a Lady in Red – February is Heart Health Month for Women

The Color of Courage

Red is a power color. It is often associated with bravery, courage, and strength. It is also the color for the month of February, which is nationally recognized as Women’s Heart Month. Red, I’d say, is the appropriate color to help us raise awareness about the number one killer of women. In fact, 1 in 3 women dies from heart disease annually (AHA, 2017).

This disease is often referred to as the “silent killer” – for several reasons. (more…)

Fitness Tech – An Apple Watch Experience

I’m a fan of fitness technology. As time goes on, technology improves, new discoveries are made, and genius engineering and computer programming professionals find fresh ways to take tech to the next level.

Living up to their tagline, Think Different, Apple has once again created something innovative – the Apple watch. As technology goes, the Apple watch integrates sophisticated technology allowing the user to track daily steps to monitoring the heart to daily caloric expenditure. One unique feature of the Apple watch is its ability to integrate an interface with software already included in the iPhone.  (more…)

Staying Safe and Active in Winter

Burrrrrrrr! It’s cold out there. It is true; “Old Man Winter” has landed on the doorstep, but use his arrival to your advantage; shake up the old workout routine with something new and fun!

I will admit – I am NOT a fan of outdoor activities. I am not a skier – such an activity accentuates all of my weaknesses and highlights none of my strengths. For me – I’ll stick to running, Yoga, Pilates, and weight training. While outdoor exercise in the winter isn’t my style or preference, you may find it’s the best option for you. If you like winter and don’t mind traversing snowy roads, but have not considered exercising in the great outdoors, try some of these winter activities.


5 Books You Need in Your Personal Health Library & Why

I love to read a wide variety of books, really. Anything from non-fiction, fiction, mystery/thriller, crime, to – of course – books related to personal health and wellness.

Perhaps what fascinates me about books in this subject matter is that they offer a resource for the continuous development of our own understanding of what it means to be “well”. No one has discovered ALL the answers or the perfect “formula” for living well. And, we likely never will. But what we do know are distinct facts about what contributes to health and what detracts from health.


Fun with Fitness Technology & Tools

Setting a goal is the easy part: Identify what is desired. The second step: Get to work achieving it. However, it’s the getting to work part that can be a stumbling block for many. Whether the goal is to start a new DIY project or develop a new skill, tools are excellent resources to help provide structure, accountability, and support as efforts towards goal achievement are made. Check out some of the inventive and intelligent items the fitness world has to offer. (more…)

What’s Your Health Literacy IQ?

The Good. The Bad. The Outlandish. Who can tell? faq-1236275-640x640

“Do not take this medication if you are pregnant or become pregnant. Do not take this medication with any product containing aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen without the consent of a physician. Do not drink alcoholic beverages while taking this medicine. If you suffer from diabetes, liver disease, kidney dysfunction, or Crohn’s disease, do not take this medication.” WOW – that’s a lot of “don’ts”!


Healthy Holiday Know-How – Keeping it Balanced and Joyful

Holiday Celebrations – Organized Chaos

scarecrow-1-1171267-640x960The holidays: a time for merriment, joy, food and fun. But before the fun begins, there’s the planning, the packing, the traveling and the other stressful “to do’s”. Part of getting past the chaos and stress is finding ways to simplify and manage the many “methods of madness” surrounding holiday preparation practices and processes.


Good Carb. Bad Carb. What’s the deal?

Carbohydrates are often demonized and characterized as “the one” that makes weight gain so profound. I’m here to tell you this is not the case and it’s time we take a closer look at the facts before committing to a “bread boycott”.

What are carbs?

molecule-1166570-639x577Carbs are “hydrated carbons” as the name carbohydrate implies; they are sugar compounds made with carbon and water attached. See – nothing scary! Not only do our bodies need carbs for immediate energy, carbs are the only fuel source for the brain and red blood cells (a little science nerdy nerd fact for you in case the dinner table conversation runs out of “energy” – pun totally intended;))



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