November 2016

As personal trainers and health coaches, we’ve all been there. The schedule is set for the week and someone cancels. We can and should expect periodic cancellations from clients. Kids fall ill, work deadlines interfere, family emergencies occur—all of these events are normal and typically do not derail a client’s intended goals. That said, it is also common to have one or two clients who struggle to commit and remain engaged with their training programs and focused on goal achievement. Find out how to change that trend! Getting Clients To and Through the Door

December 2016

Water is the most abundant substance in the human body (equivalent to 50-70% of total body weight). Our joints require it for lubrication, nutrients need it for transport and absorption, and our organs need it for protection. Simply put, water is essential for human life. Find out how to consume water by eating hydrating foods. That’s right, you can Eat Your Water!

January 2017

The topic of nutrition is somewhat of a slippery slope in the fitness world. The greatest challenge is not always a lack of knowledge on the personal trainer’s side, but rather a lack of consistent regulation in nutrition laws and practices from state to state. Further complicating the nutrition subject are the clients’ expectations of what their trainers can and should be able to provide for them when it comes to dietary practices. Here’s what you can do as a personal trainer to keep it legit.

March 2017

As health and fitness professionals, we wear many hats. We are coaches, educators, sounding boards, confidants and experts in our respective fields and specialties. It can become exhausting to be everything to every client and to fulfill each expected role with excellence and energy. Even more challenging is accomplishing all that while remaining within your scope of practice. This is one reason we need a solid and varied referral network. Find out about the power of a referral network and find new ways to connect with other professionals.

April 2017

“I saw an advertisement for a ‘fat blocker’ available at XYZ Supplements. Do you think it’s worth trying?”

“My friend is taking supplement X to gain/lose Y. Shouldn’t I be doing the same?”

Enter the pregnant pause and deep breath. I cringe a little when a client or student asks me these types of questions. It’s not the questions that awaken feelings of dread; it’s the subject matter.  The dietary supplement topic—it’s complicated, messy and not necessarily black and white. Find out how to legally and tactfully address these types of dietary supplement questions from clients and students.

April 2017

Working with clients who suffer from one or more chronic disease conditions presents unique and serious challenges. When it comes to training a client who fits a chronic disease profile, the purpose of exercise becomes one of a therapeutic nature versus a performance nature you would typically see with a generally healthy, low-risk client. Find out how to exercise caution with certain populations.

April 2017

A fitness facility is a place to get your sweat on and torch some calories; however, the rules of the road still apply. Fitness pros and recreational gym goers should always display appropriate behavior and gym etiquette during all workout sessions. Unfortunately, not every member of the gym will keep proper etiquette at the forefront of his or her attention. Check out the most common etiquette errors here.

May 2017

Training a client with a chronic injury is no small task. This is especially true if a client is injured and the injury has gone undiagnosed and, as a result, untreated. It is generally outside the scope of practice for a personal trainer to diagnose or treat an injury. Personal trainers are not, by education and license, diagnosticians or physical therapists. That said, there are some common guidelines to follow should you end up working with a client suffering from a chronic injury.

June 2017

It’s inevitable. As a personal trainer, clients will come and go. To keep your business going strong and your client list full, make a conscious effort to find new and creative ways to effectively recruit new clients. The more effort you invest, the easier it will be to get clients through the door. Here are 10 fun, affordable and refreshing ways to attract new clients to your facility.

August 2017

Like any other component of fitness, muscle growth takes time, solid nutrition, and thoughtful and consistent training practices aimed at developing muscle hypertrophy. How quickly those changes are seen varies for each individual. No two bodies are exactly the same and, therefore, no two people will build strength and size at equal rates. Find out the numerous and varied factors that dictate how fast muscle grows. It’s not as simple as one might predict.

September 2017

Yoga is touted as being one of the best forms of physical activity for enhancing flexibility and overall strength. A quick examination of yoga’s history, however, reveals that its initial purpose had very little to do with improving joint range of motion or strength. But did you know that there is more than physical benefits to this activity?

September 2017

September is nationally recognized as healthy aging month, a time to focus on encouraging personal responsibility for health and well-being in all dimensions of life (physically, socially, mentally and financially). There may not be a tangible fountain of youth that promise
s eternal life and continuous health, but we hold more power than we may realize in the daily choices we make and the habits we adopt and maintain throughout our lives. Check out my keys to healthy aging.

October 2017

Did you know foods can be mood lifting and stress relieving? Stress is one of the most pervasive conditions in our society and what better way, in combination with exercise, than to de-stress with good mood foods. Enjoy these tasty treats while keeping stress at bay.

November 2017

Starting a personal-training career is many things—exciting, scary, fun, overwhelming—to name just a few. You are taking your first steps into the professional world and will likely experience both the high of success and the disappointment of some failed attempts. And that’s O.K. Mistakes are allowed and are often the way in which we learn the most valuable of lessons. Learn what to avoid early on in your career.

January 2018

There’s no shortage of information sources in the world today. This is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, we literally have countless resources at our fingertips. On the flip side, the available information isn’t always credible or reliable. Learn how to debunk these fitness myths.

February 2018

The nation’s population is “intoxicated” due to sleep loss. Sadly, poor sleep is more the rule than the exception. According to the Institute of Medicine, 50-70 million adults in the United States have sleep or wakefulness disorders. Discover the power of sleep.

March 2018

I don’t know one health and fitness professional who doesn’t have his or her sights set on writing a personal success story. When attempting to build a career and name for ourselves, we are naturally drawn to the goal of success. Discover your next success strategy.

April 2018

The spring season represents rebirth, renewal and growth. It’s a time to welcome longer and brighter days and bid farewell to cabin fever. It’s also the perfect time to rejuvenate a tired routine and integrate new activities into your workouts. Discover how you can spring clean your fitness routine.

June 2018

As a health and exercise professional, you are undoubtedly aware of the multifaceted nature of exercise program design, yet it can be easy to overlook certain aspects. In fact, a well-intended program can be aligned with your client’s goals, have a solid structure, include a variety of exercises and modalities, and be thoughtfully periodized, yet still be missing key characteristics that would fully balance the program and boost client success. Review these 5 programming mistakes.

December 2018

Historically and socially, the barometer for “success” related to health and fitness has been the number on the scale. Many individuals, including our clients, obsessively monitor how much the scale ticks up or down over a period of time. Observing a decrease in body weight is motivational for some because it symbolizes progress toward a fitness goal. For others, seeing so much as a 2-pound increase from one day to the next generates panic and a sense of failure, which ultimately detracts from other measures of progress a client has made. Learn how to help your clients celebrate the non-scale victories.

January 2019

The field of health coaching is dynamic and growing swiftly. Are you ready to be a part of it? Here are 10 reasons to make the leap and become a Certified Health Coach. Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider becoming a Certified Health Coach.

January 2019

As a certified health and exercise professional, you are skilled in your craft. You have a strong body of knowledge related to anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition, principles of human movement, health, and fitness. But career growth doesn’t solely come from possessing the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a personal trainer, health coach or group fitness instructor. Mentors provide valuable guidance along the professional journey. Here are things to consider when seeking a mentor.

February 2019

The “standard” image of a health and exercise professional is constantly evolving, much like the fitness industry itself, and concerns regarding body image abound. This is due, at least in part, to the fact that building a better, more efficient and higher-performing body is part of the business of fitness. On the other hand, fitness isn’t just about the physical body—at least it shouldn’t be. Find out what a personal trainer should look like. 

April 2019

Wellness is more than a concept or a series of isolated events. Wellness is a lifestyle and a culture. The term “wellness” itself can seem nebulous and esoteric and ultimately hard to define. In fact, there are as many definitions of “wellness” as there are organizations committed to its existence. Find out how to build a culture of wellness. 

May 2019

Change is the only guarantee on the journey to becoming a new mom. In a short period of time, new moms experience emotional, physical, psychological and lifestyle change. The postpartum period, in particular, is often a delicate and emotionally taxing time for new moms. Find out how to support the postpartum client.

July 2019

Keeping well on the road isn’t just about fitness or physical activity; it’s about striking a balance between physical and emotional health. Traveling is fun, but it comes with trials and obstacles. Pair that with being away from the comforts of home and it’s easy to understand why travelers become road (or airport) weary. As you plan your next road trip or cross-country excursion, prioritize these five keys to wellness on the road.

August 2019

It’s not unusual to occasionally experience a decline in happiness or mood. Life gets busy, multiple responsibilities compete for our attention and stress levels increase. Before we know it, we may find ourselves feeling down and out. If this sounds familiar, here are some creative ways to hack your way back to a boosted mood.

September 2019

Family time is precious and coveted. Between work, social engagements, school, homework and kids’ many extracurricular activities, the days can feel hectic. The frenetic activity of each day presents a challenge when it comes to focused family time and a desire to achieve fitness goals. Here are some fun ways to get the whole family involved.

October 2019

Time is a limited commodity in today’s fast-paced, buzzing world of social media, eCommerce, email and streaming videos. It’s something we often feel we don’t have or can’t take. But time, specifically focused time, is necessary for a quality workout. This doesn’t mean adding extra minutes to a treadmill run; it means taking time to focus on the goal itself—the workout. Here are some ways to “unplug” during your next sweat session.

October 2019

Boredom can often leave you feeling trapped or blocked from creative inspiration. Becoming bored with a routine can also result in a decline in commitment and motivation, which can ultimately lead to a plateau and/or the abandonment of a fitness goal or focus. Here are 7 ways to kick boredom to the curb!

December 2019

As a health and exercise professional, your clients have sought your help for a variety of reasons. However, many of the goals your clients are looking to achieve may lack structure or are focused on an outcome (weight loss, getting “toned,” eating better, etc.). To successfully accomplish these types of goals, a client needs to do more than focus on the “what” (the outcome) and, instead, emphasize the “how” (the process). To do this, you need to have some health coaching skills. Find out how to incorporate health coaching into your practice as an exercise professional.

December 2019

Life is busy and the days are filled from start to finish with various commitments. Obligations such as work, sports, school, family time, personal time and mealtime compete for our attention, making it a challenge to create that coveted work-life balance while juggling multiple responsibilities. Learn how to improve your meal prep hacks!