All About that Balance Virtual Personal Training

Virtual Personal Training

Are you new to activity? Feel you are experiencing a rut in your workouts? Or need accountability and direction? I work with clients to design and implement a personalized, goal-driven activity plan. Each program is uniquely designed with you, the client, in mind and incorporates your likes and avoids your dislikes.

Programs can include body weight training, weight training, HIIT, Low-intensity steady state, Tabata, circuit-style, and a variety of other methods. It’s up to you and what you want to accomplish. After we identify what you want to accomplish, we work together to make it happen, and establish a schedule that works around your lifestyle and needs.

On the go? I will create a “take with you” routine you can follow that will not require large amounts of time or expensive equipment.

Virtual personal training is the most flexible form of fitness you’ll find. Join me for this experience.