I’m a fan of fitness technology. As time goes on, technology improves, new discoveries are made, and genius engineering and computer programming professionals find fresh ways to take tech to the next level.

Living up to their tagline, Think Different, Apple has once again created something innovative – the Apple watch. As technology goes, the Apple watch integrates sophisticated technology allowing the user to track daily steps to monitoring the heart to daily caloric expenditure. One unique feature of the Apple watch is its ability to integrate an interface with software already included in the iPhone. 

The Good List

  • The Apple watch, in my opinion, has a lot of stellar physical features. It’s sleek, it’s sexy, and it comes with interchangeable bands. It can be business casual, everyday casual, or sporty – a look for every occasion (maybe not a little black dress or tux occasion, but you get my point).
  • I like that it monitors and tracks heart rate, steps, calories burned, active minutes, and standing time.
  • The reminders to breathe, stand and move are extremely helpful and provide users a pre-programmed opportunity to take a mindful break.
  • It integrates seamlessly with MyFitness Pal.
  • The Apple Health app is easy to use and read – color coded and intuitive
  • Can save customized workouts
  • Receives messages and calls – love this!
  • Water resistant

The “I wish it did x” List

  • Tracked sleep. Sleep is crucial to sustained health and something most of us don’t get enough of – especially if you’re a parent. Anyone else hear the pitter patter of tiny feet in the hallway headed your way at 3 a.m.?!
  • While I like the heart rate feature, I sometimes feel as if it’s not accurate. At rest, it appears to be consistent and accurate (if I do a resting heart rate test on myself and compare the results). However, during a workout, it will often underestimate my heart rate. For example, 20 minutes into a cardio session, my heart rate will sometimes read (via the watch) as 120bpm, but if I take it myself it reads 155bpm (which is far more accurate). I need to do some more research here…
  • Sometimes I question the accuracy of the reported distance during a run or walk. I’ve noticed it can be off by as much as .5 miles. This could be a calibration issue. Are there others who experience this?

Overall Experience

I can easily say I am a fan of this device. I like the ease of use and the number of features and options to customize. As any tracker goes, there will always be a question of accuracy. Example, I compared the number of steps on my FitBit with the Apple Watch and there was as much as a 2000 step difference. That’s huge!

Does that mean the Apple Watch is consistent and the FitBit is not? Not necessarily. I do feel, however, the watch is far more consistent than the FitBit I’ve used. That said, I still like the FitBit and would highly recommend any version to users. These and other tracker devices provide what we humans sometimes like – motivation. It’s the little angel on the shoulder gently tapping and saying “hey, get up. Move more. Eat something healthy and take a few deep breaths.”

In the end, it doesn’t matter what device you choose and use; what matters is if you can confidently answer this question with “YES”: “Does it help me live a healthier life and make better choices?”

What’s been your experience with the Apple Watch or other tracker devices? Please comment and share your insight!

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Erin Nitschke

Passionate wife, mother, college educator, writer, blogger, and health and fitness professional.

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Mark Nitschke · January 11, 2017 at 9:07 pm

Another great article!
I agree with your opinion that the Apple Watch is an overall great fitness tool. Sleep tracking is the one big thing that I miss from my old Fitbit as well. Perhaps in future models we will see this?

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