Setting a goal is the easy part: Identify what is desired. The second step: Get to work achieving it. However, it’s the getting to work part that can be a stumbling block for many. Whether the goal is to start a new DIY project or develop a new skill, tools are excellent resources to help provide structure, accountability, and support as efforts towards goal achievement are made. Check out some of the inventive and intelligent items the fitness world has to offer.

Tools to Support Fitness Goals

  • Sportline Hydracoach water bottle. The Hydracoach is an intelligent water bottled designed to assist the user in tracking water intake throughout the day. This device is perfect for anyone who may wish to increase his or her water consumption. The Hydracoach is affordable and easy to program and use.
  • Define Bottle Sport. This unique water bottle is a great tool to use if plain water isn’t palatable to the user. The Define bottle has a separate chamber where fresh fruit and herbs are placed. A filter is used to allow the fruits and herbs to flavor the water in the second chamber but prevents any solid pieces from entering the water. Similar to the Hydracoach, this water bottle is easy to use and affordable.
  • The Fitbit is a wireless activity tracking device and it is available in several different colors and models. Although somewhat costly (depending on the model), this gadget can provide a high level of accountability that previous fitness trackers lack. This tool allows the user to track daily activity, add “friends” to support activity efforts (or provide friendly competition), estimate caloric expenditure, track weight, start a food plan, and measure heart rate (a feature available on certain models). The FitBit also syncs with other health-focused apps such as MyFitness Pal and Weight Watchers.
  • The Apple Watch is a high-tech, integrative tool and is an alternative to the FitBit products. However, it’s price tag may not appeal to the majority. It does keep track of heart rate, steps, movement calories and integrates with many other apps. It’s effective and scores high marks in the accuracy category.
  • Digital Kitchen scale. While this is not new technology, the use of a kitchen scale is an excellent method to help train the eyes to recognize serving sizes and manage caloric intake effectively. Such a tool can aid in weight loss and/or weight management.
  • FREE online resources from ACE. American Council on Exercise offers several free tools for consumer use. Using their tools and free online calculators allows consumers to use evaluate everything from heart rate training zone to BMI to daily caloric need. These tools can be accessed using the following web address: 
  • Advantageous Apps. There is truth in the phrase, “there’s an app for that”. As smart technology advances so too does the invention of different apps aimed at improving accountability and enhancing individuals’ commitment to their personal health and fitness goals. Meal Snap, GAIN Fitness, LOLO, Charity Miles, MyFitness Pal, SparkPeople, TrackMyFit, Under Armor Record, and Lose It are all examples of popular apps (there are more). Many fitness and health apps are free to download and offer the ability to track caloric intake, expenditure, weight, distance, etc.
  • Desk Cycle. Desk cycles are very effective tools to use at the office. If you are someone who has a primarily sedentary job, investing in a desk cycle may be the key to providing some movement throughout the day.

This list is not exhaustive and is not intended to cover the full spectrum of tools, technology and gadgets available on the market today. It is, however, intended to highlight the wide variety of methods of accountability designed to support the pursuit and achievement of individual health-related goals. Whatever goal you have in mind or are currently pursuing, consider what tools you may find useful in supporting your efforts.

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