Happy March, All! Thanks for your continued readership and loyalty to this blog. I took the last two weeks as a sabbatical from Be Live Stay Well to do some self-healing. Last month marked the three-year anniversary of my father’s unexpected and untimely passing. I needed that time to process and continue to honor the grief that I still feel. But, as he would want, I am moving forward and am dedicating this blog post to some fun and fast workout ideas that I find challenging and a change from the mainstream.

Beating Workout Boredom

I cannot be the only personal trainer that wishes she had her own personal trainer! When I grow tired of writing programs for myself, I will often check out new fitness apps or videos and try them out for a change of pace.

Let’s face it. Routine is convenient and easy to follow BUT it can be boring…especially after a certain time period has lapsed. Sometimes it’s fun to let someone else lead us through a workout – even if it’s a quick 10 minutes to get the blood moving and the mind working.

Benefits of a Change Up

While not all changes in life are received positively, changing a fitness routine is not only smart, it is recommended by all quality and well-educated fitness pros for many reasons. Some of which include…

  • Moving beyond a plateau
  • Breathing new life into a tired routine
  • Creating new physical and mental challenges to overcome
  • Tackling new goals is motivating
  • It’s a great way to kick off a new season

Some of My Favs

Below are links to some great resources to give you new ideas for your own workouts. I share many of these resources with students because there’s a lot of “quackery” in the exercise world and these offer legitimate ideas (and the trainers are not scantily clad – which is a major pet peeve for me). These routines are safe and challenging and offer a good variety. I like to use these workouts to brainstorm new ideas and exercises for my clients and for myself.

Remix Workouts

Tabata in 10

Daily Burn HIIT Examples

IDEA Workout Builder

Strength Training for Beginners

10 Minute Barre Abs

Squat & Plank Workout

30 Minute Total Body

This is the type of spring cleaning that I look forward to doing! Happy (almost) Spring.

Be, live, and stay well, friends.


Erin Nitschke

Passionate wife, mother, college educator, writer, blogger, and health and fitness professional.


Done & Dusted · March 10, 2017 at 3:02 pm

Hi Erin, how often would you recommend to change up the workout routine? And also, how much would you change? For example, currently I’m working out 3 times a week, doing weights and a split routine – legs & shoulders, chest & triceps, back & biceps. Each day I’m doing 4-6 exercises in total for the group.

    Erin Nitschke · March 18, 2017 at 3:16 am

    Hello! Thanks for commenting. To answer your question, it depends on your overall training goal, BUT I think it’s always wise to change up a routine every couple of months. Once you stop seeing progress or you feel burned out, switch it up. You could throw in a couple of HIIT days to boost your metabolic rate. Does that help?

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