Giving Thanks for The Energy of the Season

The Thankful Season

Thanksgiving is around the corner and instead of doing the usual “healthy tips” post, I want to spread a different, less tangible, message – one of energy and light.

Energy – What goes out comes back

As you all know, I’m a scientist by nature and by education and by profession. Laws of energy tell us that energy is not created or destroyed; instead energy is transferred from one form to the next. Scandle-light-1421222-640x480cience also tells that we are carbon-based lifeforms made up of – you guessed it – energy. We are energy in a physical human form. It stands to reason, based on these ‘laws’, the energy we are made of is influenced not only by the energy around us, but the energy within us (our thoughts, emotions, actions). Is it too outlandish to suggest if we want to receive good energy, we have to give good energy? Stated simply: to get the light, we must give the light. This means giving light and energy to not only ourselves, but to others. (more…)

Mind Strong: Conscious Reframing

#MindStrong: Silencing Negative Nancy

Years of being a fitness and health professional and educator have taught me this – there is no clear, one-size-fits all explanation as to why some individuals engage in healthy behaviors while others do not. In other words, there is a significant amount we don’t yet know about the human psyche and what makes it ‘tick’. What we do know is often it is our own negative inner voice, perceptions and beliefs about ourselves, and the individual and collective stressors in our lives that interfere with our ability to achieve a goal – whether it is health-related, career-related, or in some other realm entirely.

I’m just as guilty as everyone else of having negative thoughts. “I’m not tall enough or pretty enough or smart enough or whatever enough to do X.” After having Olyvia, an internal alarm sounded and I realized – I cannot and will not do this to myself. I don’t want my daughter to grow up having her own negative inner voice. I want her to be confident in her abilities, to love herself the way she deserves, and to believe that she is enough of everything to do anything. And – that starts with me helping her build those qualities and modeling that very behavior.

So – how is this done? Conscious reframing of our own inner thoughts and beliefs about ourselves by recognizing our strengths and opportunities (not weaknesses, but opportunities for growth and self-discovery). (more…)


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