The Thankful Season

Thanksgiving is around the corner and instead of doing the usual “healthy tips” post, I want to spread a different, less tangible, message – one of energy and light.

Energy – What goes out comes back

As you all know, I’m a scientist by nature and by education and by profession. Laws of energy tell us that energy is not created or destroyed; instead energy is transferred from one form to the next. Scandle-light-1421222-640x480cience also tells that we are carbon-based lifeforms made up of – you guessed it – energy. We are energy in a physical human form. It stands to reason, based on these ‘laws’, the energy we are made of is influenced not only by the energy around us, but the energy within us (our thoughts, emotions, actions). Is it too outlandish to suggest if we want to receive good energy, we have to give good energy? Stated simply: to get the light, we must give the light. This means giving light and energy to not only ourselves, but to others.

I see this as an investment – what we deposit, we reap. This would be far too simplistic of a concept if I failed to acknowledge a fact – things happen – tragic events, a violent shift in life, a sudden loss. This doesn’t mean the energy we gave or didn’t give caused such a change. What it does mean is this: going forward focus on the good – the still intact pieces of life and the blessings bestowed upon us. In doing so, we are making a conscious effort to invest positive energy into each day. For something that sounds easy, it is not so easily accomplished. That’s ok. Don’t aim for “perfection”; aim for “effort”.

Coordinated Synergies

helping-brother-1547293-640x960This season, as we gather around our own dining room tables to enjoy a bountiful harvest and a drink or two, let’s each take the time to critically evaluate our own energy, thoughts, actions, and words. Where can we improve? What can we learn? What changes can we make to be a brighter light for someone? Actions I personally took since watching the election influence behaviors nation-wide are:

  • Texting a friend to say “I’m thinking about you.”
  • Mailing a book I enjoyed to another friend.
  • Letting someone cut in front of me in line.
  • Buying a stranger a coffee.
  • Smiling as I pass someone unknown to me.
  • Being conscious of saying “thank you” to those who granted me a helping hand or a listening ear.

These are all simple tools and actions that made me feel as if I was offering a brighter light, a bigger smile, a warmer heart, and a more positive energy to those around me. As a consequence, I found my own inner-energy shifting. What’s even more astounding to me is when committing “random acts of kindness”, I observed the look of shocked appreciation on the faces of strangers – this says to me the world is in desperate need of kindness, love, light, and…you guessed it again…that good energy.

Keep It Simple!

It is not the grand and ostentatious acts that matter most in shifting a culture; it’s the small, deliberate and honest efforts to be kind to one another that ultimately become the architects of positivreflections-1547708-639x426e change.

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. As you carve your turkeys and slice the pies, focus on the good energy, share the good energy, and be that warm reflection of light for those around you.

Peace, Love, and Light.



Erin Nitschke

Passionate wife, mother, college educator, writer, blogger, and health and fitness professional.


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