My Family’s Top 5 Healthy Habits

Research has consistently demonstrated that habits created in childhood are often carried on through adolescence and adulthood. What we teach our children – even at the earliest of ages – follows them for a lifetime. This is just one of the many reasons to establish healthy habits and make them part of your family traditions.

Making Healthy a Tradition

The holidays always renew my commitment to family traditions – honoring old ones and fostering new ones. Aside from the usual stringing of Christmas lights, listening to seasonal classics, or watching a favorite Holiday-themed movie by the Christmas tree, we have other traditions we enjoy celebrating. Traditions that have nothing to do with the season, but that have everything to do with living well. (more…)

Fall Fitness Fun

Fall into Fitness

Ahhh…fall; it’s my favorite color! There’s something magical about the changing colors, the crisp morning air, and the crunch of leaves under my feet that I find so beautifully refreshing. I feel motivated to make fun changes to my own workout routine as the seasons change. Autumn presents a beautiful time to “fall” in to a new fitness routine.

pexels-photo-27237Not only is now the time to shake up an old routine, it is also time to enjoy the beauty of nature and the outdoors before old man winter comes to visit.



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