Potential Bad Job Opportunity? Red Flags Personal Trainers Should Look For

How can a personal trainer know if a job opportunity is worth the investment in time and exploration or is a disaster waiting in the wings? You may not know right out of the gate. Red flags are everywhere in life and in business, and the fitness business is no exception. Read on to identify signs to watch for and clear questions to ask when exploring a new opportunity to avoid accepting a potentially bad job opportunity.

Consequences of Zero Rest Days

Making progress is not about hustling all the time, never pressing pause, or having an infinite supply of willpower. In fact, this is the opposite of progress. It’s the grind that eventually stagnates progress and leads to mental and physical burnout. The truth is – rest days are massively underrated. Let’s examine some consequences of the take-no-rest mentality and how taking zero rest days can have an impact.

All About That Balance

Added Sugar: Hiding in Plain Sight

Diet culture would have us believe that “sugar is evil” and it “causes weight gain.” Neither of these statements is accurate to the degree that diet culture messaging would have us believe. But there is something we need to be aware of and share with our clients: added sugars are hiding in plain sight.


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